Blood Draw Day!

I hated getting the annual physical to go to school/play sports. I would ALWAYS ask my mom “Are they going to take my blood?” “Do I have to get a shot this year?” and she would always answer, “I don’t know, Kayla.” But she did know. She knew they would always take my blood. And […]

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Additional Testing

Carrie and I talk for quite sometime. I let her know how pumped I am that I’m a match, but also how shocking it is. She tells me the odds of getting a call that you are a potential match (don’t remember) and also lets me know that generally there is only a 25% chance […]

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The Call

Probably about a month after I swabbed my cheek, I received a phone call and voicemail from Be The Match. I remember instantly thinking, “I’m a match for someone!” And then I got an email and I really thought that was quick. But the phone call and emails were just the standard correspondence once you […]

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