Physical – Part 2

Leslie drove me over to the hospital, told me where to go, and dropped me off. I don’t know if I was still stressed out about completing the physical or what, but I wasn’t hungry. I had a turkey sandwich and chips to eat, but every time I thought about eating it, I wanted to […]

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Physical.. My Favorite!

I would fly out to Houston the afternoon before my physical and fly back the next day after the physical was over. Taylor already agreed to take me to the airport and my mom said she would meet me in Houston. “Mom, I can handle a physical by myself.” I checked in at home and […]

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The Second Call!

“2 month countdown starts today!” That is the text I receive from Carrie after I give my 6 vials of blood. Once a potential donor is called and completes additional blood testing, the patient’s doctor has 60 days to decide to go forward with bone marrow collection or to decide the donor is not the […]

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Blood Draw Day!

I hated getting the annual physical to go to school/play sports. I would ALWAYS ask my mom “Are they going to take my blood?” “Do I have to get a shot this year?” and she would always answer, “I don’t know, Kayla.” But she did know. She knew they would always take my blood. And […]

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Additional Testing

Carrie and I talk for quite sometime. I let her know how pumped I am that I’m a match, but also how shocking it is. She tells me the odds of getting a call that you are a potential match (don’t remember) and also lets me know that generally there is only a 25% chance […]

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The Call

Probably about a month after I swabbed my cheek, I received a phone call and voicemail from Be The Match. I remember instantly thinking, “I’m a match for someone!” And then I got an email and I really thought that was quick. But the phone call and emails were just the standard correspondence once you […]

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