A Tiny Update

I FINALLY received my update.  I say finally, but in all reality there are days I forget about HER.  There are days that I don’t even remember I donated bone marrow (unless someone asks me and I get to show off my scars).  But there are days when I just wonder how SHE is doing, how HER family is doing, and just in general about HER (what does she do for a living, where does she live, will she want to know me, etc).

I donated bone marrow and bounced back really fast!  I ran a 10k a little over a month later (which Leslie was super impressed with).  And while I think about HER sometimes, I do not have to think daily about whether I will relapse, get an infection, or whatever else could go wrong with the transplant process like SHE does.  My current stresses are: surviving Phoenix heat and catching flights on time.  And for that, I am thankful.  But… what a cruel world we live in.  I pray that HER worry has at least changed for the better from, “is there a match” or “another option” to “transplant please work.”

Leslie said that some clinics just “check the boxes” and do not give any additional information.  Unfortunate for my curious brain, this is what the clinic has done.

  • BOX 1: Cells engrafted
  • BOX 2: Recovering poorly
  • BOX 3: Discharged from hospital

I’m extremely happy that my cells have engrafted, but I hate SHE is not recovering well.  This sounds like bad news (and maybe it is), but SHE is not in the hospital.  I have to hope that is a positive sign.

As always, please Join the Registry!


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