The Last Vial of Blood!

I had to give one last vial of blood before my donation! It was only one vial of blood, but with my track record, Taylor accompanied me.

Our plan was to get to the blood center by 7 AM. I knew I needed to eat and drink something before going. I didn’t get out of bed in time.. and made us late. I ate my cereal as we were driving to the blood center. Talk about feeling like I’m 12 again, with my mom rushing me out the door, carrying my breakfast.

I didn’t have an appointment this time, but I signed in and filled out the required paperwork. We waited about 30 min before the nurse took me back. I always let the nurse know I typically pass out, and luckily for me, she offered to take me to the room with the table so I could lie down!


The nurse was amazing, slight prick and then the one vial of blood was drawn! She made sure that I was feeling ok, which I was, and we left.

Overall, my experience with working with Be The Match has been phenomenal. I’ve taken my own time to complete the procedures, but they have set everything up for me. It has been incredibly convenient to get in contact with Leslie, by email or text. And they really care about you. Leslie even text me on my birthday!

I encourage anyone and everyone to get on the registry. I will be the first to admit that when I got the very first call, it was very exciting, but also very scary. It got even more scary when I got the second call and found out I’m really a match. I have wanted to be someone’s match since the day I signed up. There have been days that I think there is no way I can do this, but then I compare the days that I will be in pain versus the pain of the person I am helping. It is no comparison.

I find the entire process and human body both absolutely disgusting, yet so impressive. I’m pretty terrified of the process, how I will feel afterwards, and all the stuff that goes with it. BUT, how awesome will it be to say, once I’ve completed this process, that I donated bone marrow to someone in need. And I really hope that I can say I saved her life!

You never know when you might be the one who needs the help. I can bet you that anyone who has received a bone marrow transplant didn’t anticipate needing the help of a stranger.

As always, I challenge you to make a positive impact on someone’s life by Joining the Registry!


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