Physical – Part 2

Leslie drove me over to the hospital, told me where to go, and dropped me off. I don’t know if I was still stressed out about completing the physical or what, but I wasn’t hungry. I had a turkey sandwich and chips to eat, but every time I thought about eating it, I wanted to throw up.

I have an hour until my physical time, but Leslie wanted me to drop my blood off right when I got there to get the testing going. I stopped at the receptionist window and asked to see the specific nurse, but the front desk nurse said they closed from 12-1 for lunch and were actually having a party for a coworker. But I’m supposed to give this blood to someone. She takes my blood and tells me to come back 5 minutes until 1.

IMG_4914I go and find a waiting room and the bathroom (great lighting for a selfie). I hang out there debating on whether or not I want to eat this sandwich. So I open it up and start to eat some, because I know if I don’t eat I’ll be hungry later. I eat probably ½ of the sandwich before wrapping it back up. I did at least drink tons of water!

Five minutes until 1, I head back over to the reception area and there are no seats and about 10 people waiting. Holy cow, there are a lot of people here. I wait my turn and finally get to go back. Normal physical stuff, check my weight, height, blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. All good. And in comes the doctor. I’m not exaggerating; I barely waited for the doctor.

He tells me a lot of the same stuff that Leslie tells me. They really want to make sure I understand the risks of the procedure. But I remember him asking how I do with general anesthesia (the answer is great, please give it to me), my family medical history, and then he checks my reflexes and makes me do the deep breath thing.

Next he will go into major detail about the procedure. He begins and takes one look at me and says, “Are you going to pass out if I tell you?” I think my face had gone white. I told him there was a reason I wouldn’t be awake for this procedure and that if my parents had any questions or he really wanted to tell someone, he could tell them. What I know is that I will get knocked out. There will be two doctors, one working on each hip with a needle. They will stick the needle in and pull out the bone marrow.

The thing that really stuck with me was this:

The patient is asking for a lot of bone marrow. Based on my height and weight, I can only donate so much. My doctor told me that I’m his concern and his priority is to make sure I’m healthy. He isn’t worried about the patient and what the patient needs (obviously he is, he is getting bone marrow from me to give to the patient). But he reminded me that he’s my lawyer and he will keep me healthy. Doc, that is all you had to say!

I think I passed my physical with flying colors. I reward myself with hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin. Carlos picks me up and takes me to the airport. Life is good.

My flight gets delayed several times; I take a huge nap at the airport. I freeze while I’m on the plane and when Taylor picks me up at the airport, he rewards me with a Sonic milkshake. Like I said, life is good.

As always, and I encourage you to think about Join the Registry!


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