Physical.. My Favorite!

I would fly out to Houston the afternoon before my physical and fly back the next day after the physical was over. Taylor already agreed to take me to the airport and my mom said she would meet me in Houston. “Mom, I can handle a physical by myself.”


I checked in at home and already printed my boarding pass. When I got to the airport, I headed straight for the gate. An older gentleman stopped me and was guessing where I was headed. Alaska! No.. Los Angeles! No.. Houston! He asked if I was from there, so I told him I was headed to do my physical for a bone marrow donation. The gentleman instantly got a little bit emotional. He was so appreciative of what I was doing; he even gave me a hug. I have no idea the relation he has to the program, but he told me I was doing a great thing and wished me good luck!

I landed in Houston and headed for baggage claim where Carlos would be picking me up. I had just stepped down the last stair to baggage claim when Carlos called me and asked if I was close (he later told me he had checked my flight number so he knew what time I landed and knew the time it took to get to baggage claim from my gate). He drove me to the hotel, but then also drove me by the Blood Center where I would need to go tomorrow (it is right next door). Not to mention he opened my door and took care of my backpack both getting in and out of the car. Talk about service!


I checked into the hotel and headed to the bar to grab some dinner. I had a chicken sandwich and fries. I had plans to do homework, but I was actually really tired so I just went to bed.

When I woke up in the morning, I headed to breakfast. I was getting sick at my stomach at breakfast because I had talked with a friend from college who donated marrow several years back. She told me that during her physical, they took 20 vials of blood. I ate half of my breakfast and headed over to the Blood Center, still feeling queasy. I was texting Taylor regretting coming to Houston alone; “Maybe my mom should’ve met me here.” And no, she is reading these words for the first time, and I NEVER tell her she’s right.

Leslie met me at the door and took me back to have our information meeting. This is where we talked about everything, who would be coming with me, how many days I would be there, the actual procedure. I signed several documents, pretended to listen to the actual procedure (because I could pass out if I actually listened), and got the days squared away for the procedure date.

Since both of my parents will be coming, Leslie needed exactly how their names read on their driver’s license. I text them both to find out and they both respond, but theirs read different than mine, so I text them both just to confirm. Mom responds, dad doesn’t.

Next up, the additional blood samples. I’m going to call my dad just to make sure he got my text. Sometimes he talks my ear off, other times he’s too busy working to talk. Of course, I need him to talk my ear off, but he’s busy. But he does tell me he took his drivers license out of his billfold to double check how his name reads. I tell him I’m about to give blood and all he says is “Don’t scare the kids!” Greattttt, thanks dad!

I told the nurse I general pass out and asked if she would lay me down. She started reclining the chair back and also broke an ice pack to put on the back of my neck. I believe she took 10 vials of blood. She was fast, I’m talking it was seriously over before it started. I felt great. Small victory, I didn’t scare the children!

Next, we would grab some lunch and head over to the hospital. Oh, and I’ll have to carry four vials of my blood in my purse over to the hospital for testing.

As always, here is the link to Join the Registry!


2 thoughts on “Physical.. My Favorite!

  1. I received a call saying I was a match and have had my lab work done and am just waiting for a call to say if I was the best match or not! You going forth and posting about it is fantastic. I like to have all the info going I. To things and this is very helpful 🙂


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