The Second Call!

“2 month countdown starts today!”

That is the text I receive from Carrie after I give my 6 vials of blood. Once a potential donor is called and completes additional blood testing, the patient’s doctor has 60 days to decide to go forward with bone marrow collection or to decide the donor is not the best option.

Reminder: The blood was drawn March 9.

I kind of forgot I did the additional testing. There’s about a 25% chance that I would get a call and be a match, but I really didn’t want to get my hopes up. I knew I would know one way or the other by the end of May. So I was patiently waiting the end of May.

Fast forward to March 20

My friend Kelly was in town to visit (the reason I’m an organ donor) and we were getting ready to go sweat our faces off at a spring training game. The weather decided to be abnormally hot the entire time she was here. Of course, I miss a phone call from Houston. They left a voicemail.

“Hey Kayla, this is Leslie, I work in the bone marrow program with Carrie. And you’ve actually come up as a match for this patient and I wanted to talk to you about that further. If you could call me on my cell. Thank you!”

I don’t even know if I said anything to Kelly. If anything it was “I’m a match!” But I called Leslie back, immediately. The next step is to go to Houston and complete a physical. Remember how I said I hate physicals… Great, when do I do it!

Leslie tells me the process of the physical.  They will fly me to Houston the night before, I will complete the physical, and then be flown home.  She doesn’t give me many details about what the physical entails, but my brain already knows.  She tells me the date the patient would like the bone marrow collection to be.  I only have a few things planned in the upcoming months, so the date the doctor has picked works fine for me!  So it is all scheduled, in a quick phone call.  I received several emails about what Leslie and I discussed.  I received a log in for the hospital I’ll be going to and reviewed some information/videos.

I call Taylor, my dad, my mom, even my brother (we normally only talk about hunting and NASCAR)! All while we are driving out to Surprise for the spring training game, I just kept saying, “I’m a match” “I’m actually a match!” Sorry Kelly you had to hear the same conversation like 5 times and me in complete shock the entire rest of the day! I’m positive she responded every time with “It’s so awesome!” or “I’m so proud of you!” while rolling her eyes by the 100th time!


But there was only a 25% chance…


As always, I encourage you to Join the Registry!


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