Additional Testing

Carrie and I talk for quite sometime. I let her know how pumped I am that I’m a match, but also how shocking it is. She tells me the odds of getting a call that you are a potential match (don’t remember) and also lets me know that generally there is only a 25% chance that after I do further testing that I will get another call.

Carrie asks me what I know about the donation process. Well, I did some research (aka I browsed around on Be The Match website) I know there are two ways to donate. You can donate by taking your blood out of one arm, spinning it through a machine, and putting it back in the other arm (Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donation) or they can drill into your hip (Marrow Donation). Carrie wished she had $1 every time someone said drilling. Evidently, it is just a large needle into your hip. She assured me it wasn’t like the movies or TV shows. Luckily for me, I don’t watch anything medical, so I have no idea what the process will be like.

Carrie donated the old fashion way (needle into hip) some years back. She tells me that yeah, her hip was sore, but it was bearable. The patient’s doctor will decide how to collect the bone marrow. For me, I’m hoping it’s the old fashioned way because I can get knocked out and have no idea what is going on. I don’t think I’ll mind a sore hip. Plus, I’m only going to be sore few a few days, and the lady I’m trying to help, well I can’t even imagine her pain.

Carrie has to get off the phone quickly because another donor is calling/texting her. The donor has gone to give blood and the testing center can’t find the kit.

Shortly Carrie calls back. She told me that some testing centers are awesome and the others, well, she isn’t sure they know more than their ABCs.

The next step is for me to do blood testing. Oh, great. I’m sort of a passer outer when it comes to giving blood. Or getting a shot. Or thinking about going to the doctor.

I received several emails about the process and had to print and sign a Donor Consent Form. Carrie made my appointment to get blood and text me the address. She also told me to not pay for anything, because Be The Match was directly billed.  All I had to do was show up!

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