The Call

Probably about a month after I swabbed my cheek, I received a phone call and voicemail from Be The Match. I remember instantly thinking, “I’m a match for someone!” And then I got an email and I really thought that was quick. But the phone call and emails were just the standard correspondence once you sign up. I later went on my account and changed my preferences.

But on March 6…

Obviously my day started like any other day. Waking up, trying to think of ways not to go to work, going to work, and then sitting at my desk. I had already started applying for other jobs, so to get a missed call from an unknown number wasn’t that unusual. I was getting ready to go to an 11:30 meeting in another department. Missed call and voicemail at 11:24. From Houston. That’s odd, I didn’t apply to any jobs in Houston…

I go on to my meeting and completely forget about the call. The meeting didn’t last but 30-45 minutes, so I come back and check my voicemail.

“Hi Kayla, this is Carrie with the Bone Marrow Registry, the Be The Match Registry. I’m calling in regards to when you signed up, not too long ago, back in May at Louisiana Tech to be a bone marrow donor. I’m DESPERATELY NEEDING to speak with you. Can you please call me back?  Thanks so much.”

SAY WHAT!!! Is this for real? I go to lunch at 1:00, so I decide I’m just going to call then. Yes, I put myself through the torture of why this lady needed to talk to me for another 45 minutes.

I finally get on lunch and call her back. She doesn’t answer. Well that was anticlimactic.

But then she calls back. I’m a match for someone and they want to further test to see how strong of a match I am. Yes, sign me up, tell me where to go, I’m in!

I call my dad. His response “I’ll have to go with you to take care of you!”


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