<24 hours in Page, AZ

At the beginning of 2018, I made a list of a ton of places I wanted to see in Arizona.  For my birthday, I realllly wanted to drive 4ish hours north, to Page, and kayak into Antelope Canyon and see Horseshoe Bend.  So after my midterm Saturday morning (April 14, 2018), that is just what we […]

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Seeing Arizona (Bucket List)

Who knows how much longer I’ll live in Arizona, but I need to see some things while I’m here.  I guess I’ll call this my Arizona Bucket List.  Some of these will be day trips, some will need more planning.  In no particular order… Kayak to Antelope Canyon (4 hours, Page) April 15, 2018 Antelope […]

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6 Months Later

I didn’t receive a 6-month update from my recipient and honestly, I was really bummed.  My thoughts immediately went to the worst possible option, “Did she die?” “Maybe they don’t tell you until a year has passed?” “My bone marrow sucked.” But last week I received a phone call from a Be the Match liaison.  […]

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A Tiny Update

I FINALLY received my update.  I say finally, but in all reality there are days I forget about HER.  There are days that I don’t even remember I donated bone marrow (unless someone asks me and I get to show off my scars).  But there are days when I just wonder how SHE is doing, […]

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I slept fairly well the night of Collection Day. Dad woke me up around midnight to take another pain pill. I woke up around 5:00 AM, but decided I didn’t really want to take another pain pill because the pain really wasn’t bad. We had plans to go to the Astros game, but when I […]

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Collection Day!

My parents and I flew into Houston the day before collection day. I set my alarm for 5:30 AM; we had to check in at 6:00 AM. The hotel is connected to the outpatient surgery building so the walk wasn’t even 5 minutes. The alarm went off and after much rolling around, Dad decided he […]

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The Last Vial of Blood!

I had to give one last vial of blood before my donation! It was only one vial of blood, but with my track record, Taylor accompanied me. Our plan was to get to the blood center by 7 AM. I knew I needed to eat and drink something before going. I didn’t get out of […]

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